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Tape transfers to DVD/ CD/ Bluray

Transfer your tapes to DVD, CD or Bluray

Our home movies could be the most important items we hand down to future generations. They won’t have to depend on traditional history books, but will have a personal account from their ancestors, through their home movies. The beauty is that each and every person in the family can get a copy.

How these films are stored will determine if they remain supple or not. If they become hard and brittle, they will get damaged by the atmosphere, so it’s best to convert them to a digital format sooner, rather than later.

At Superfoto, we can remove almost any heavy flicker. With our specialised film converter, we can tune-in like a radio station, to cut out the flicker and stabilise the picture.

Are you interested in converting your film to digital format?

We have to see the physical condition of the films before a quotation can be given to you. Bring in your films for assessment to see what preparation work needs to be done before converting. A quotation will be given to you while you wait.

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