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Printing from slides

Turn your slides into quality prints

Superfoto produce professional quality prints and scans from your:

  • Fujichrome
  • Fujichrome
  • Ektachrome
  • Agfachrome
  • Agfa Dia-Direct / Scala slides / transparencies
  • or any 35mm mounted slides colour or B&W.

We can also scan and print from pre-processed 35 mm B&W and colour negatives.

What type of slides do we prefer?

  • Slides should preferably be plastic or card mounted.
  • We can scan and print strips of unmounted slide and negative film. It should be no less than three frames in length and accompanied by a note stating which frame you want printed.
  • Unfortunately, we can’t print from glass-mounted slides.

We provide two scan quality options

Standard Quality


High Quality



Our other services

  • When printing (for a small extra cost), we can provide you with a digital scan of your image on CD.
  • We also supply a dedicated 35mm scan only service, for customers who only want to archive their images and view and print them on their own computers or, for example, for Power Point Presentations, or for the production of Photobooks.(If scans are required for either of these, please pick the Standard size scan option).
  • Our online system makes ordering and payment easy and convenient.
  • We also offer a postal mail order service.

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