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Capture the Moment, Preserve the Photo
Capture the Moment, Preserve the Photo
by Superfoto /

Photography is all about capturing the right moment at the right time and to make those memories last forever. Unfortunately, photographs get damaged over time. They fade, tear, crack and get damaged by mildew or water. Superfoto has the solution.

At Superfoto, we will restore your old photographs to their former glory and help you preserve them for generations to come. We use the most advanced digital retouching and editing technology, together with old fashioned artistry to make those damaged photographs come to life again.

Every photo we restore gets individual treatment and our photo restoration techniques allow us to fix and to return nearly a...

The Colourful History Of Photographic Film
The Colourful History Of Photographic Film
by Superfoto /

Photographic Film has a long and interesting history. We invite you to journey back in time with us as we take a look at the milestone developments in this exciting medium over the last 180 years.

Light, Colour, Action!

It all started when the daguerreotype was introduced in 1839. This was the earliest practical photographic process and did not use film. Light-sensitive chemicals were formed on the surface of a silver-plated copper sheet.

The first photographic film was pioneered by George Eastman, founder of Eastman Kodak, in 1885 and the first version was a coating on a paper base. The image-bearing layer was stripped fr...

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